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Why a Business Should Promote Health Initiatives

The Wellness Council of America provides six reasons why every business should consider developing and implementing a health promotion initiative:

  • Increasing cost of health care - much of which is driven by poor health habits.
  • Approximately 70% of illness are preventable, being caused by factors such as tobacco use, sedentary lifestyles, and poor nutritional habits.
  • The expanding work week, caused by easier access to technology, is causing the distinction between work life and home life to blur.
  • Our increasing reliance on technology has led to new health concerns including repetitive stress injuries, low back problems, and compromised vision.
  • The increasing amount of information available to us is causing employee stress levels to increase.
  • Increasing diversity in the workplace means there is an increased need to address different health and wellness issues.

Helping your employees to become more active and enabling them to make better educated choices benefits your business through reduced absenteeism from sickness; improved morale and employee retention; greater control over healthcare costs.

Corporate Membership Opportunities at Pulse Health & Fitness

With Pulse Health & Fitness, you can start to address some of these issues. You may choose to provide discounted rates to all employees or reward high achievers with a company-paid annual membership. We can also arrange an Open House or a Wellness Day for your business.

Pulse Health & Fitness is pleased to provide corporate/student discounts to the following organizations:

  • Empire State College
  • Hospice Buffalo
  • Time Warner Cable
  • YRC Worldwide
  • Rosinas
  • Catholic Health Systems
  • AT&T (AppleTree Business Park)
  • Dick's Sporting Goods (Galleria Mall)
  • Great Lakes
  • McMahon Industries
  • Conax Technologies

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